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Covid Procedures


***Daily Safety Precautions***


Contactless check-in

Your child is escorted from a parent or guardian outside by their teacher and taken into the building. All doors remain locked. Roll is taken for each class as they enter the Academy

COVID-19 Screening

As soon as each class enters the building they remove their shoes and are guided to the sink to wash their hands while being supervised and assisted if necessary, using touchless soap dispensers. Temperatures are also taken at that time


6 feet social distancing is practiced in the classroom

For littles, they are given a “special spot” as they choose the color of their disinfected floor dot for the day.


Classes are kept small and are spaced out to allow for

each class to enter and exit safely

Staff must always wear masks


No additional guests are permitted into the Academy


No shoes from outside are permitted throughout the Academy

Contactless Dismissal is Practiced for all ages

All students under the age of 13 are delivered to their parent or guardian 

outside to the parking lot area.


Disinfecting Procedures

  • All surfaces are disinfected prior to each class including door handles, light switches, hand railing, faucet, and thermometer

  • All floors are sprayed with an EPA approved disinfectant for Covid continuously as well as bathroom surfaces which are also cleaned throughout the day with bleach

  • We also have a professional cleaning company come in weekly to electrostatically spray every surface in the building


At CAPA we are committed to not only quality dance instruction, but to the health and wellbeing of our staff, students and their families.

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