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Jumping Dancer


     Crimson Academy is Pottsville's premier performing arts school located in a beautifully renovated chapel in a quiet and safe neighborhood. Our Academy contains a comfortable and spacious waiting room designed specifically with our parents in mind.  Our waiting room also contains a toddler play area and a small cafe for students and Crimson families. On our upper floor 3 large dance spaces are equipped with mirrors, barres and Marley flooring. Our Crimson room features a Springstep flooring system designed to absorb dancers movements which prevents injuries. It is found in only the most reputable dance studios. A student lounge was created for our dancers to relax in before or after class. Our Academy's large and private parking lot makes travel easy on our clients and the public playground located directly next to the Academy is a great spot for students to play before or after class. 

     At Crimson Academy we are dedicated to providing excellent arts education and inspiring passion in a fun, engaging and positive atmosphere.  Our mission is to empower students and instill an appreciation for the arts while providing a wide variety of instruction for students of all ages and levels, from beginner to advanced.  The students individual needs are the main focus within the school.  We are proud to offer a classic approach to our style of teaching with age appropriate music and choreography.  Crimson Academy will always be a place where students are respected and valued for their individulaity.   

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