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By creating a safe, consistent, and welcoming environment, Crimson Academy for the Performing Arts helps to foster the confidence and curiosity of our students. Each day is enriched with hands-on experiences and group activities, providing ample opportunities for pupils to improve their knowledge-base while developing social skills. See the classes being offered at Crimson Academy.

See section below for information on our Competitive Dance Teams.

Classes with an "*" symbol are strongly recommended for Competitive team members.  

If cancellations/substitutions are necessary, classes/instructors are subject to change.

Registration fee is $25 per student per year. The fee will be waived for each student who is registered with the first month of tuition paid by August 31st.



Creative movement is a fun introduction to movement with music. It is presented in individual segments of instruction suited for short attention spans. Children are introduced to the idea of rhythm through various methods using tangible items. Simple proficiencies are incorporated into each lesson such as manners, following directions, standing in formations, and expanding focus times.



One step up from creative movement, Kinderdance dives further into ballet technique. Tap is introduced in basic form.

Young Ballet Class


A basic introduction to the fundamentals of both styles of dance.  These classes will be tailored to the individual learning abilities of the children; these classes will be kept small in number. In ballet, rhythm, body awareness, stage presence, and confidence will be incorporated into learning the basic positions and warm ups within the Vaganova system. In the portion of class that will be dedicated to tap, students will learn to listen to rhythm in music and replicate these sounds with their feet. They will understand to count though beats of the music.

Young Ballerinas


With the basis of earlier combo classes, these techniques will be built upon to further the education in the foundation of early tap and ballet within the Vaganova System and introduce the fundamentals of jazz.

Ballet Rehersal


Ballet is the foundation for all dance styles; the more a student studies ballet, the more that student will excel in other styles of dance. Ballet is everywhere! It teaches dedication, motivation, stamina, flexibility, and strength. Ballet helps students grow in all aspects of life. 
In this course, students will be fully exposed to the foundation of all further courses and styles in the Vaganova system. The Vaganova method is a ballet technique and training system devised by the Russian dancer and pedagogue Agrippina Vaganova. It fuses elements of traditional French style from the romantic era with the athleticism and virtuosity of Italian technique. Students will learn the basis of technique, terminology, strength, grace, and coordination. This will develop into a sub-focus on strength and preparation for a pointe class. Director recommendation is required for pointe work.

Tap Shoes


This level of tap will expand on the primary core steps that will begin to evolve into hoofing, which entails rhythmic percussion, stomps and stamps. It will also touch on the syncopated technique as well as the rhythmic style.



Jazz is an energetic and fun form of dance evolved from an African American origin. This form of dance consists of leaps, quick turns, intricate footwork, and unique moves. A requirement for this class would be that a dancer has a strong background in ballet.

Large Theatre


This class will focus on various dance styles used in various Broadway Shows.  Class curriculum is based on ballet technique layered with Broadway style jazz movement. Emphasis will be placed on performance techniques and how to tell a story through the movement.

Hand Stand During Dance Performance


To be accepted into this class, the dancer must have 3-4 years of a ballet base. This class will explore movement by combining ballet, jazz and contemporary styles, while focusing on expression of lyrics with fluid motion.

Hip Hop Choreography

Jazz Funk

A mix of classic jazz and hip hop!

Jumping Dancer


Modern dance is a style that focuses on the dancer’s interpretation of the steps and favor movements based on expression of their feelings.  It does not follow strict rules like classical ballet.

Ballet Practice


This class focuses on the acrobatic elements used in dance. Students will learn basic acrobatics with a strong emphasis on flexibility and strength.

Yoga Asana


Conditioning and flexibility is the focus for this class.  Dancers and athletes who wish to gain strength and agility will benefit highly from this class.


Crimson Academy offers opportunities for students who wish to study at a more intensive level.  A student must have at least 3 years of dance experience with a strong ballet foundation. When interest is shown in the dance team, the staff will meet with parents to discuss availability within the team. Team class prices are additional to regular class prices.


Students must take a minimum of 4-6 hours of class per week, depending on their age or level. Students learn choreography to use at competitions in addition to extra technique classes. Team jackets are a requirement for each team member. Additional costumes must be purchased for each routine that is created for their specific group.
Our dance teams perform in many community events, attend dance conventions, personal development seminars, and compete in 2 to 3 competitions per year that require minimal travel. Our belief behind the small amount of competition participation is because the Academy is not focused on accolades.  We believe the true art of dance does not lie within a trophy and that passion is not developed through comparing your technique to others, but rather in developing passion within the student.


Rehearsals are scheduled in addition to regular class time. Times vary by age ranging from 1.5 hours to 2 hours.


Solo's, duos, and trios are given out depending on the amount of years each student commits to the team.  For example, solo's are generally given to students who have been on the dance team for at least 3 years. Solo's, duo's, and trios will incur additional fees.


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